New Albany


Your GPS Tech

Name: Stephen Bechdol
Ext: 6006
Hours: 4:45pm - 7:00pm, M-F

What is your job here at MVNU?
I am the new GPS tech at the New Albany GPS site. I am here to serve in whatever ways I am able, chiefly by helping resolve computer/IT problems. My role is to be a listening ear, a calming influence, and a trusted friend in times of need.

Where are you from?
I am originally from Logansport, IN of North Central Indiana. Until college graduation, Indiana is the only state I knew. Since then, however, I have lived in Michigan, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana again, and now Ohio.

Education Information (college attended, major, how you got into IT)
I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN with a BS in Christian Ministries. I have picked up computer knowledge over the years in several different jobs where I have run machinery and different software. When the New Albany site was being constructed, I made an effort to join the MVNU staff and being a GPS tech seemed like a good fit.

Best book you’ve read in the last year
I am an avid reader, reading 40+ books annually sometimes. I would say the best book I have read in the last year was Implosion by Joel C. Rosenberg. The book is a serious assessment of the spiritual condition of the USA and how as Christians we need to raise the bar of commitment to seeing more people know Christ as Savior.

Favorite movie and favorite movie quote
Favorite movie would have to be Air Force One. Favorite quote is from The Avengers as Captain America is about to go stop Ironman and Thor from fighting. The pilot warns them that ‘they are like gods.’ Captain America responds, “There is only one God, ma’am, and I am pretty sure He doesn’t dress like that.”

If you could have any Superhero ability/power, what would it be?
The ability to heal others and relieve their pain and suffering.


5150 East Dublin-Granville Rd
Suite 120
Columbus, OH 43081
1-877-431-9610 ext. 6000
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Name: Joshua Cunningham
Ext: 5551
Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm, M-F

Work in Progress!

This page is still under development--please pardon any gibberish text, wonky layouts, or wild orangutans!


Work in Progress!

This page is still under development--please pardon any gibberish text, wonky layouts, or wild orangutans!


Join the Mother Ship!

MotherBoard is always willing to accept applications for employment and will gladly meet with you in person to discuss possible job availability. Follow these steps to apply to become a MOBO

  1. Fill out an application for employment on MVNU’s HR site found here
  2. Contact Josh at ext. 5551 and schedule an appointment to come down to meet the staff and interview.
  3. Bring any Resume, references, or job history with you.

The qualifications that we look for in students to work in the MotherBoard office are:

  1. A servants heart - We are constantly bombarded with urgent requests for support and help and we challenge the stereotype of technical support by providing person-centered care.
  2. Flexibility - things can change at a moment’s notice in the HelpDesk and we want to find students who can maintain an even keel if asked to drop what they had planned to do at a moments notice.
  3. An eagerness to learn - Being part of an educational institution, we feel the importance to know technology is best taught through experience and on-hand learning. For this reason, we don’t look only for Technology Majors, but anyone interested and willing to learn about computers.